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“Our teenager has been taking piano lessons with Natalie. We have had such a great experience: Natalie is an excellent teacher and has great patience as well as energy. Our daughter has developed a great bond with her."

Jessica Seybert, CA

"We started lessons mid-pandemic while looking for a way to keep our daughter more engaged in an activity throughout the day. She's only 5, but already I can see her confidence growing and she's having a blast learning all her new skills and playing for friends and family! I love the balance her teacher, Natalie, has when it comes to discipline of practice and learning the actual needed skills to play while also incorporating the fun and creative side of exploring music. I can see us sticking around for some time!"

Kira P., CA

"We are so happy with the progress our child has made with Natalie has a teacher. We are only in our second year of piano, but our child has progressed so much, and Natalie is extremely patient and receptive to our changing needs. Highly recommend!"
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