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Terms and conditions for piano/voice  lessons with Natalie Ter

Definitions for the purpose of this agreement:

"Term" refers to one of the following periods: Autumn (September to December), Spring (January to May), Summer (June to August).

"Agreement" refers to these terms and conditions as entered into by Natalie Ter and the signing student or parent/carer.

This document is for the named student or parent/carer and payer of invoices for piano and/or vocal tuition with Natalie Ter. If you are a school staff member completing this application on behalf of a parent/carer, you should not proceed with the lesson application before ensuring the parent/carer has understood and agreed to these terms.

By ticking the box on the online application form or signing the printed copy available upon request, you agree to the Tuition terms and conditions below, unless you notify Natalie Ter within seven working days of receiving your offer confirmation by email of your intention to decline the offer.


Lessons overview

Natalie Ter aims to deliver 14 lessons per fall semester and 16 lessons per spring semester. Natalie's semesters vary in length thus affecting the number of lessons delivered in any one term. Natalie Ter guarantees that she will offer no fewer than 14 lessons during fall semester and not fewer than 16 lessons in Spring term.  10 lessons packages are offered only to adult students, it gives an oportunity to schedule lessons bi-weekly or skip some weeks when students are not able to attend lessons and informed Natalie about it in advance.  Should Natalie Ter fall short of this guaranteed minimum through her absence, it will make a pro-rata refund or credit in respect of the shortfall on its guarantee, normally at the end of each term.


Arranging lesson time slots

Ahead of your first lesson you will be sent an email from Natalie Ter to to check your lesson timeslot, venue and start date. 

For online lessons, a zoom link will be sent to you by Natali Ter ahead of the first lesson. Please ensure to check your junk or spam folder in case the email is sent there. We recommend adding Natalie Ter email addresses to your safe sender list.

Photo & Video release policy

Natalie Ter often photographs and videotapes students for promotional use in both print and online publications. Compensation will not be provided. All Natalie’s students hereby agree to such use. If a student does not wish to give Natalie permission to use photos & videos, please let her know at  and she will be happy to comply.



Student attendance

Natalie Ter will make reasonable effort to ensure her student attends their lesson. All lessons will be marked and shared with students in Google Calendar.

If a student is not able to attend an upcoming lesson, you should let your teacher know as far in advance as possible so that Natalie Ter knows not to expect you. This can be done by emailing or texting/calling 650 417 3657


Teacher absence

If a teacher needs to cancel an upcoming lesson, Natalie Ter will inform the student or parent/carer by phone or email. She may offer a rescheduled lesson or an online lesson alternative. For rescheduled lessons, Natalie Ter will let parents/carers and students know in advance when this will be taking place. If a student is not able to attend a rescheduled lesson, this will be treated as a student absence and will not be refundable. Any unscheduled make-up lessons will be credited back to your account at the end of each term. 


Force Majeure

Force Majeure (war, civil war, armed conflict, terrorist attack, government action, fire, flood, severe weather conditions, pandemic or epidemic or any other matter that is beyond our control). Natalie Ter will not be liable if a lesson has to be canceled due to Force Majeure. In this event Natalie Ter will endeavor to resume lessons as soon as practicable either face to face, or online. Information on the resuming of lessons will be made available as soon as possible.


Changes to lesson details

Any lesson detail adjustments, for example an increase from 30 minutes to 45 minutes, are usually actioned at the end of each Term. Whilst Natalie Ter will try to accommodate your change request, approval is dependent on her availability amongst other factors so it cannot guarantee lesson details will be adjusted. If Natalie Ter needs to make changes to lesson details, she aims to inform the student/parent/carer as soon as possible.


Lesson fees

The fees list for lessons can be found on the website. The fees list normally remains valid for the academic year and is reviewed annually with the revisions taking effect from September.



Lessons are invoiced termly in advance of the autumn, spring and summer terms commencing. Natalie Ter will email parent/carers or learners links to pay. Payment is due in full within two weeks of the date on your invoice. Recurring payments option available and should be negotiated with Natalie Ter before registration. This can be done by emailing or texting/calling 650 417 3657


Late payment

If payment is overdue, Natalie Ter will issue a reminder notice by email. Lessons may be suspended until payment is received. It may take up to three working days for payment to be confirmed as received. Natalie Ter cannot accept responsibility for disruption to tuition due to late payment. Any missed lessons will not be rearranged or refunded. In the event of non-payment, the lesson time slot is not considered reserved and another student may be allocated the space.


Lesson discontinuation

Natalie Ter will timetable a lesson for the student each term until student or parent/carer you give a notice via email. Natalie Ter must have half a term's notice and lessons can only cease at the end of a full term, in order to cover its costs.

To cancel lessons for the end of the term, notice is required by the last Friday before half term.

For students whe enrolled for the whole academic year de-enrollement period is available between November 20, 2023-December 4, 2023. 

Notice given verbally will not be registered as notice and you may continue to be charged for lessons.

A student's discontinuation from lessons is effective from the end of each term only . Refunds or credits will not be given if notice is given to discontinue mid-way through a term.

If notice is given after the new term has started, a late discontinuation charge equal to half a term of the fee for the full term will be payable towards the cost of rescheduling lessons and the shortfall of the teacher's expected tuition.



Lesson rescheduling and credits

Students have a right to reschedule 2 lessons per semester. Other lessons missed due to student absence will not be rescheduled or credited, in most cases, l. This is because Natalie's time slots are booked in advance. 

If credits are due for lessons missed due to teacher absence, these are issued at the end of each term once a total lesson calculation is completed. The reason for this is to allow a teacher the maximum opportunity to reschedule missed lessons in the first instance.


Any refunds/credits due will be explained by email and will be adjusted against the following term's invoice. If the student is discontinuing, the refund will be issued to the card by which the payment was made.


Terms and conditions review

Natalie Ter reserves the right to review this Agreement from time to time, normally at the end of an academic year. You will have the option to accept the revised Agreement or withdraw from lessons if they change. If Natalie Ter advises you of any material change to this Agreement to your detriment without giving sufficient notice to enable you to withdraw from the Agreement by the specified date, you will not be required to pay an administration charge or late discontinuation charge of notice in respect of the following Term.

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